Dry January…for my skin!

With new years resolutions filling up our social media it’s a good time to think about things we could do better. Dry January seems to be very popular this year, but I won’t be giving up the prosecco! But what is dry is my skin…I’m only 20 but since leaving adolescence I have really felt the impact on my skin. I feel like I spent so much time trying to make my skin matte when I was younger and now I need to start putting that moisture back.

So my new years resolution is going to be exploring products that will put the moisture back into my skin.

The first product I wanted to talk about is affordable and easy which definitely makes it one of my favorites!


Superdrug’s Vitamin E Leave-On Moisture Mask. I stumbled across this product while looking for a new night cream that wouldn’t break the bank! I’ve always liked products from the range so I gave this a go.


I love one use masks…but I always find I never have one when I need one! This tub is great and I think it’s going to last for ages. The product itself is a gel/cream texture, it feels really cooling on the skin.

You can leave it on for 5-10 minutes or I like to leave it on over night for super glowing skin in the morning. It definitely gives my skin a plump healthy feel and makes makeup apply better.

Would definitely recommend you pick this up if you are looking for an affordable, quick and easy mask.

Victoria x

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