Dry January: Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask


Hi everyone,

Today’s Dry January post is going to be about the Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask. Garnier have a whole range of products in the Moisture Bomb range, but personally I’m a sucker for a mask.

This was the first sheet/tissue mask I used, and I have to say it has since been my favourite. Other sheet masks I have tried just don’t have enough product on them in my opinion. You will see when you take this out of the packet, it definitely has lots of product. This is great because once you have taken the sheet off you are left with a residue that can be massaged into the skin and left on if you like.

The product itself does really help with my dry skin. I tend to use it as my SOS when my skin is feeling particularly dry as I know it always delivers. My only issue with this mask, and all sheet masks, is that you look like something out of a horror film whilst wearing it!

The mask itself is usually £2.99 but you can usually catch it cheaper on offer at either Boots or Superdrug.

What do you guys think about sheet masks? Any recommendations?

3 thoughts on “Dry January: Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

  1. Swanna says:

    Some Ebay stores are quite reputable like roseroseshop and f2plus1 (I think) and Jolse is a popular online k-beauty store that do free shipping, too. Taiwanese masks, I’m not sure as mine were from a blog sale! X

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