The cheap and easy way to clean your makeup sponges

We all love beauty sponges, they are definitely one of them products you can’t stop using once you start! But they do get grubby and that can’t be good for our skin.

When I first decided to clean my makeup sponge I tried scrubbing it like I do with my normal brushes and ended I ripping it. So I searched for Beauty Blender cleaning products, but didn’t fancy the cost! Then I stumbled across a hack video which showed me this amazing method.


All you need is a bar of soap and running water. I use the Simple Kind to Skin Soap as it has no perfume in it. This makes complete sense when you think about it. Makeup sponges absorb water, so if you rub it on soap whilst running it under water it will absorb the soap too.

This really works and is so easy to do, it’s also really satisfying squeezing the soapy water out of the sponge. But be warned, you will be surprised (and possibly disgusted!) at the amount of product that comes out.

The results…

IMG_9347_Facetune_13-01-2018-11-36-46   IMG_9396_Facetune_13-01-2018-11-42-56.JPG

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