Dry January: Primark PS Pro Radiance Drops

Today’s Dry January post is about the Primark (yes Primark!) PS Pro Radiance drops.


Personally, I really like Primark in general as I’m all about affordable! But to be honest I didn’t really buy into the skincare as I assumed it would be cheap and horrible. But for some reason this product just stood out to me and I didn’t have a face oil so I gave it a go.

This is  marketed as something you can use as skincare or under makeup, which I have done but I find my makeup moves around too much. So maybe not as a makeup base, but as skincare it’s a really great product. It does make your skin feel really supple and also feels quite luxurious. And I can report it hasn’t caused me any related breakouts, I’ve been using it about 2 months.

For the price it has got to be worth a go if you haven’t tried face oils already. It has definitely made me want to try more so please let me know if you have any you like.

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