A Primark haul of bits and pieces

Hi everyone, today’s post is going to be a little haul of a few things I picked up in Primark yesterday. There’s no clothes but I always find it handy to know what random things Primark has in so hope you enjoy…


The first thing I picked up were heat-resistant gloves. I already had one of these that I got ages ago with a curling wand. However, it has seen better days. I’ve used it so much some of the material has worn down making them not so heat resistant! I was pleased to find these in Primark as I never get round to ordering a par offline. They also have a heat resistant stand for your hair tools which I may pick up next time.

The second thing was another replacement, an eyebrow brush. I don’t know why but they are always the first brushes I lose. This was cheap and cheerful at ¬£1, I think it’s great that it has an eyebrow comb on it too.

The next few items were me getting excited for my summer holiday (can you tell I’m so over January!). Firstly, the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff. This is a really great body scrub and as it was half price so I thought I’d pick one up. I don’t tend to fake tan myself often, but I always get a spray tan before holiday and scrubbing before hand it a definite must!

Then I got a luggage tag…very boring. But more excitingly, a travel wallet. I always take a plastic wallet with the essentials in my carry on, passport, boarding passes etc. So I thought this would be really cute, it’s pink with travel images embossed into it.

As I said, not a massive haul but hopefully you saw something you might want to pick up. Have you had any good purchases at Primark lately?

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