Dry January: Simple Moisture Sheet Mask

So today is my final Dry January for my skin post, hope you have enjoyed hearing about my skin care saviors! I thought I’d finish with a new product, the Simple Kind to Skin Rich Moisture Sheet Mask.


After reviewing the Garnier Sheet mask I realised I had to try some others since I love it so much. Then on my next visit to boots I saw that Simple had released some. Simple is a brand I have used for a long time, I just always know it’s going to be gentle on my skin.

This sheet mask has a lot of product, which is what I love about the Garnier one. I do find that the mask itself is slightly more flexible, I can make it fit my face more comfortably which means I can do more when wearing it.

It is super moisturizing and I found there was quite a bit of product left in the packet so I used this as an overnight treatment. Overall I’m super happy with it and will definitely buy again.

If you have read all my Dry January posts let me know which product is your favorite! I would love any recommendations for dry skin.

Victoria x

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