My Eyelash Extension Experience

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about my experience with eyelash experience. I have had eyelash extensions on and off now for about 3 years so I thought it might be helpful for some of you who may be thinking about them.

But first off I just want to point out a few things;

  • I am not trained in eyelash extensions, always take the advice of your beautician and follow correct care instructions.
  • I also advise that you research before jumping straight for a beautician just because they are the cheapest. I have had extensions with 5 different people and I definitely had different experiences with all…not all great! But once you find someone who does your lashes just how you like stick with them.
  • I am quite lucky to have lots of eyelashes so when I have extensions they look really full. Discuss what you would like with your beautician, however, if you don’t have many eyelashes to start with think realistically about what is achievable to avoid disappointment.


I first decided to have eyelash extensions just for a holiday. I think if you aren’t going to have them on a regular basis a holiday is the best time! It’s great to walk down to the pool in the morning feeling made up without any effort. But now I have them all the time because it saves me so much time in the morning when I get ready. I’m also not very good at using false lashes so it’s nice that my lashes always look glamorous.

The process of getting your lashes done will depend on your beautician. I have found that the ones I like the most spend 2-3 hours on a full set (this will depend on the amount of eyelashes you have). Whereas one I went to took only an hour so they didn’t put many lashes in at all!

The glue did sting a little at first but now I don’t even notice it. Some may not like laying down having their eye area poked for that length of time but personally I find it quite relaxing and often have a little snooze!

In terms of looking after your lashes always obviously follow the advice of your beautician. Personally, I just brush them at least twice a day and try to lay on my back to avoid them rubbing on the pillow in the night. I do wear eye makeup with mine, I just make sure to use a non oil based remover and take extra care when removing the eye makeup. Never rub or pick your lashes! I find my lashes last well doing this, I get them done roughly every 3 weeks.

I don’t personally think they have damaged my natural lashes in any way, I sometimes have a break but this tends to just be about saving a bit of money!

I love the way eyelash extensions make my eyes look. When I look back at photos before I had them my eyes look so small! I would definitely recommend them for anyone who wants to save some time in the morning or just loves a full lash look every day.

Let me know if you have had eyelash extensions before and what you think.


Victoria x


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